Mansuino is an Italian family of breeders of ornamental plants and horticulturists, active in Liguria and internationally for more than one century (“History”).

Today, the growing and the breeding are carried on in a small, environmental friendly flower farm (Azienda Agricola Andrea Mansuino) which produces hydrangeas and ornamental foliage. Azienda Agricola Andrea Mansuino produces also green energy thanks to a photovoltaic solar system which saves the environment around 500 Tons of CO2 per year.
The commercial and advising activities are carried on by a limited company, MANSUINO s.r.l., who selects and edits new hydrangea varieties for the international market. Mansuino s.r.l represents also new varieties of various ornamental crops from other breeders who trust Mansuino for its reliability and international business knowledge.

The Director, Andrea Mansuino, has been involved in breeding, growing and propagating ornamentals for more than thirty years, in the past with specific focus on growing and breeding roses, and more recently breeding and growing hydrangeas and other crops.

Andrea Mansuino has been active in the international flower industry at different levels and a.o. has been for six years President of CIOPORA, the international community of breeders of asexually propagated ornamental, fruit and horticulture crops and for three years member of the National Board of Confagricoltura, one of the main agriculture organizations in Italy.