Agapanthus is a well known crop commonly popular in gardens all over the world.
In some countries (Italy, France, Colombia, Ecuador, ecc.) it has been used for cut flower purposes as well, normally with old varieties of long stems and big flowers, with relatively short vase life and heavy weight.
Genetic improvement, especially in France, has recently brought to the selection of varieties with more compact growth, shorter and lighter stems and harmonic flower size, which thanks also to their improved vase life can be grown successfully for cut flower in local market areas but also for export.
We thought that it can be of some growers’ interest to rediscover this crop and professionally grow the newer varieties and we are pleased to exclusively represent worldwide some very interesting varieties bred by French and Dutch breeders.

Graphite Blue®

Graphite white®

Blue infinity®

Pitchoune White®


Sophie® ready for auction

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