Alstroemeria is one of the most important cut flower species in modern floriculture, so no special presentation is needed.
The development of the alstroemeria market is however limited by a relatively small degree of innovation, and the main international breeders and plant material providers constitute a restricted option for international growers.
There are some small breeders and nurseries in the world who sometimes can offer new solutions for the market and just need more exposure and a more international approach in breeding, selection and sales.
The French nursery Turcieflor, owned by Cécile Turc and Mark Hodson, has been specialized in breeding this crop for half a century, with the traditional focus on garden and pot plants.
Recently, they have decided to breed and select new varieties for the cut flower market, too, and the potential of their genetics (the nursery has been awarded Alstroemeria National Collection of France”) is now visible in their latest selections.
We are pleased to exclusively represent Turcieflor alstroemerias worldwide for the cut flower market.

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