The farm where every agricultural activity takes place (growing, seeds production, flowers and ornamental foliage production, plant propagation) is the Azienda Agricola Andrea Mansuino, located on the hills of Sanremo, in a property with a tremendous view on the Mediterranean sea.

The microclimate of the area is very suitable to growing, as temperatures in winter almost never go below zero and in summertime seldom go over 30°C. Light quality and intensity are outstanding, so that the region is considered the only area in northern Italy which can be compared to Sicily.

The total area of the farm is about one hectare, out of which about 4500 sqm of greenhouses and about 1000 sqm under shade net.

The whole production is grown soiless, on substrate, either in pots or in gutters, and the drainage is fully recycled. Substrates are, depending on the crop, perlite or organic substrates.