This cut flower crop, whose latin botanical name comes from greek and means “golden sun”, is a new trend in cut flower and besides its therapeutic properties, has a tremendous ornamental value that is more and more appreciated in flower arrangements and bouquets.
It is very easy to grow in different climates, though it prefers dry and sunny areas, and can be grown outside under quite hardy conditions.
It can be sold for the fresh and for the dry flowers markets, and has outstanding qualities in terms of vaselife, transport and flexibility of use in ornamental design.
The Italian breeder Hybrida has developed a line of varieties, Paper Moon®, which are selected for their productivity, their hardiness and their ornamental value, in different colors.
We are pleased to represent Hybrida’s Helychrisum for the cut flower market, worldwide.

Paper moon® yellow

Paper moon® red

Paper moon® ivory

Paper moon® honey

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