Cut flower Pansies and Petunias!

As already mentioned for the Sunflower section, special varieties with unique features are bred in southern Italy by an historical breeding house, established in 1870, Farao Seeds in Sarno.

The Faraone Mennella Family is renowned for the unique breeding skills and the outstanding quality of the selected varieties in many seed crops.

Their Cut Flower Pansy F1 Hybrid lines (Flamenco and Moulin Rouge) represent a unique, groundbreaking innovation in the flower industry and are available only in limited quantities for very selected, top notch growers.

Sophisticated, classy, glamorous flowers for small bouquets, table bouquets, bridal bouquets, also used for edible flower arrangements in hotels and restaurants, these lines are easy to grow and easy to sell.

We are pleased and honored for having been granted by Farao the opportunity to distribute their seed specialties worldwide.